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Finding Our Talk 3 is series of 13 half hour documentaries about the state of Aboriginal languages both within Canada and the broader indigenous world. Available on DVD>> Purchase via PayPal. Institutions and libraries may also send a PO# and we will invoice you when we ship your order.


Finding Our Talk 3
is now airing around the world and is available on APTN (Canada), Maori TV (New Zealand), NITV (Australia), and Al Jazeera (Global).

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Special Purchase

*every few months Mushkeg features a different film for a reduced price.

LOLKanien’kehá:ka - Living the Language (2008) available for $29.95 US + free shipping (regular $39.95).

A documentary about the personal, thought provoking and honest stories of the Mohawk language (Kanien’kehá:ka) immersion program in Akwesasne. Mohawk version is two parts (48 min. each). French and English versions are 62 min.

(+ applicable taxes for Canadian orders)
*Please specify which language version you would like to order in the "add special instructions to merchant" box on the PayPal invoice. The film is available in the original Mohawk version as well as in English and French.

Mushkeg Media Inc.

Mushkeg Media Inc., established in 1999, is a production company specializing in films and videos about the Native experience, films which deal with contemporary issues facing Canada's First Nations, their environment, activities, traditions and their struggle for economic and political autonomy. The company is headed by Paul M. Rickard, independent Cree filmmaker, director and cameraman. Paul's partner is veteran producer and director George Hargrave. Our name, Mushkeg, comes from the Cree word for “swamp”. The Cree people of western James Bay refer to themselves as Omushkegowuk or people of the swamp. You can learn more about Mushkeg by clicking on about us.


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