“Dave keeps an eye out for rival film crews trying to steal his shots at the Awkesasne Iron Worker’s Festival.” Ironworkers recreate the famous photo, kind of. ‘The Flying Warrior’ taking flight into the unknown Hey slow down, this is a cone crossing zone. Soundman Kenzie Dorn captures the sound of high steel drama. The team films an Iron Worker on a manlift high above Cornwall, Ontario. This bridge has had a little too happy juice. Nothing will be left of this span in two months. Director Jeff Dorn talks saftey vest fashions with Ironworkers. It is rare to see such a large, and diverse group of cranes in the wild. jquery lightbox inline content by VisualLightBox.com v6.0m

Mohawk Ironworkers - A 13 Part series showing on APTN - VISIT THE WEBSITE HERE

Mohawk Ironworkers is a 13-part half hour documentary seriesnow on aptn that celebrates the Mohawk ironworkers said to be “the best ironworkers on the planet”, exploring their lives and work through a historical and cultural context. Personal issues and challenges faced by ironworkers on a daily basis within their communities, homes and job sites will be the program’s focal points. Each half hour episode presents a story of ironworkers and their families as they face one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. 

That moment you instantly regret being the one that is holding the stick in the water. Ontario Premiere Katherine Wynne meets Chief Eli Moonias in Marten Falls, Ontario. Playing in the dirt is not something men ever grow out of. The Noront-Esker camp is empty now but will be extremely busy once Ring of Fire development begins. Geologist Royland Landry expalns what rocks mean. Land use discussion requires lots of colourful details. Webequie boys put on their biggest smiles, hoping to get scouted by a talent agent Camera shy fish are not biting Marten Falls spends over a million dollars a year on importing bottled water. The tape on the posters may be failing, but the students definitely aren’t. jquery lightbox inline content by VisualLightBox.com v6.0m
The Ring of Fire - Watch it on APTN

The Ring of Fire is a six part documentary series that follow the lives of several community members from Marten Falls and Webequie First Nations as they try to deal with the complex issues surrounding a very large mining project – called The Ring of Fire – proposed to be built on their traditional territory and in close proximity to their reserves. It’s a story of the Oji-Cree people who have lived in the Far North of Ontario for millennia who see The Ring of Fire mining project as a potential opportunity to achieve long term economic security and higher standards of living for their people - but who also have serious concerns as to whether they’ll receive these benefits on terms and conditions that will protect their people, communities, traditional way of life, and the land, watersheds and wildlife that has sustained them for centuries. 


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It Was A Woman: Surviving Female Sexual Abuse is a first person documentary about the journey of Blackfoot director Cherri Low Horn as she tries to make sense of her own experience of being sexually molested by a woman as a child. The film, produced by Montreal Aboriginal film company Mushkeg Productions Inc. in association with the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network.

It Was A Woman DVD Available Now


Finding Our Talk 3 is series of 13 half hour documentaries about the state of Aboriginal languages both within Canada and the broader indigenous world. Available on DVD>> Purchase via PayPal. Institutions and libraries may also send a PO# and we will invoice you when we ship your order.


Finding Our Talk 3
is now airing around the world and is available on APTN (Canada), Maori TV (New Zealand), NITV (Australia), and Al Jazeera (Global).

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LOLKanien’kehá:ka - Living the Language (2008) available for $29.95 US + free shipping (regular $39.95).

A documentary about the personal, thought provoking and honest stories of the Mohawk language (Kanien’kehá:ka) immersion program in Akwesasne. Mohawk version is two parts (48 min. each). French and English versions are 62 min.

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Mushkeg Media Inc.

Mushkeg Media Inc., established in 1999, is a production company specializing in films and videos about the Native experience, films which deal with contemporary issues facing Canada's First Nations, their environment, activities, traditions and their struggle for economic and political autonomy. The company is headed by Paul M. Rickard, independent Cree filmmaker, director and cameraman. Paul's partner is veteran producer and director George Hargrave. Our name, Mushkeg, comes from the Cree word for “swamp”. The Cree people of western James Bay refer to themselves as Omushkegowuk or people of the swamp. You can learn more about Mushkeg by clicking on about us.


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